Pavana during Corona times

On this page, during the Corona crisis, we’d like to keep you up to date with what we are doing.

Judith has made a pitch of her plans with Teatro Pavana for the near future for the Amsterdam City Council. In this short pitch she is telling about the history of Teatro Pavana, what we are doing during this Covid-19 crisis and that we want to discuss with the Council of Amsterdam to see how we can continue performing in this 1,5 meter society. You can see the video here.

The 2rd of June, Judith will also be taking part in a discusion of the creative industry. “Cultuur in Actie”. Social initiative that shows the value of art & culture, also during Corona times. 

Live stream will begin at 18.30 hrs and is to be seen here.

Besides making plans how to survive the crisis we’ve made good use of the extra time and have created new Night Color Costumes which worked out wonderful. We are also working on a brand new act, “Parrots”. (work title)

Because all events have been cancelled or postponed, Teatro Pavana decided to perform outside nursing and retirement homes several times, all from a safe distance. Below links of video’s of some of these performances.

Now and then Teatro Pavana does surprise performances, we’ve done some in Amsterdam but by clicking this link you can see such a performance with the new Night Colors in Naarden

We’ve made a real (digital) book!

In 2018 Teatro Pavana celebrated her 25 year anniversary. We started 6 months before that date with creating this book, to bundle all our incredible, beautiful experiences. It took a little while longer than expected. This very special book was finished in February 2020. It was about to be printed, but now we have to wait until after the Corona crisis. Until then we share this magic personal book with you with the online version. Giulia Costa put her heart in to creating this book, doing a wonderful job. I am so grateful reading the book that we have this privileged life, traveling and performing as vagabonds. It is strange that this book was finished exactly with the beginning of Corona, now that all our near future performances have been cancelled.

But I am convinced we will find a way to get out of this crisis. And continue with what we have been doing until now: spreading beauty around the world!

Enjoy reading here. (on your computer is best, not on phone)


1. Short Documentary at the Eduard Douwes Dekker retirement home, 31th of March 2020 Amsterdam.

2. Retirement home De Poort,  Hou vol Amsterdam! Film AT5, Teatro Pavana at 6 minute 10 sec. , 11th of April 2020.

3. Try-Out of the new Night Colors costume at the Herengracht, Amsterdam, 20th of April 2020.

4. Retirement home De Flesseman, Amsterdam 24th of April 2020