It is a good thing that Nellie the Hippo finally crossed her path with Alki. Because what has got a hippo to do, on her own, in a far foreign country, where she knows not a single soul? Alki, who has roamed the world for years, knows the way everywhere and nowhere. When she saw big Nellies sweet eyes, she knew immediately that Nellie has a kind heart. She still gets the occasional shivers from her huge mouth when she has to yawn, though. Now they discover the wide world together. All right, sometimes they have a fight. She wants to teach Nellie so much and hippos are not the smartest of animals. Fortunately, that never lasts long and soon they are the best buddies again. If you look closely at her ears, you can tell if Nellie is in a good mood again. Maybe she even does a little dance. We know for sure, Nellie is the sweetest Hippo of the world!