Teatro Pavana

Teatro Pavana and the coronavirus pandemic

Due to the current coronavirus crisis, all of our performances have been cancelled or postponed.

During quarantine, Teatro Pavana has performed for people in nursing homes on a voluntary basis, providing the elderly residents with some much-needed entertainment and distraction – all from a safe distance.

In the meantime we have developed new Night Color costumes, they are even more spectacular than the first ones. 

To see what (else) we’ve been up to these days, check the button “Corona”.

We hope to see you all again. Until then, stay safe!

Founded in 1993, in Venice, Teatro Pavana, a small, but professional street theatre company, has developed into a large and much sought-after troupe in the course of time. The ensemble evolves continuously and presents new acts on a regular basis. Teatro Pavana, which keeps office in Amsterdam nowadays, engages experienced artists of different nationalities and backgrounds. While watching their marvellous acts one sees several theatre disciplines united: stilt-walkers, acrobats, musicians and dancers bring the most splendid and fantastic creations to life. With their breath taking costumes, they capture the audience in their magical, alien world. Spectators of all ages will be surprised by the impressive appearances of Teatro Pavana.