Bibi Voynova

In 2004 I moved from Bulgaria to Amsterdam because of love. There I immediately met Judith and Lorenzo in the first months. Judith asked me if I would like to try to learn to walk stilts and so after a very intensive training I started at Pavana. I am actually specialized in economics and business administration and the theater profession was still unknown to me at the time. Once I stood on stilts I was completely in love. I was allowed to participate in Teatro Pavana and have been super happy and enthusiastic about it ever since. Traveling, performing and the atmosphere within Pavana together with my colleagues gives me a lot of energy. I have been with Teatro Pavana for a long time now with a lot of passion. I have learned a lot and seen many beautiful countries with performing all over the world. Besides my work as a performing artist I help Judith and Lorenzo at their atelier with repairing the costumes. I enjoy every beautiful performance. Pavana helped me to quickly feel at home in the Netherlands and I am very grateful for that. I hope to be with Teatro Pavana for many more years and to be able to make many more beautiful memories.