Eva Staal

Hi! My name is Eva Staal and I live in Amsterdam, the city I was born in. In addition to stilt walking, I’m in my last year of university, studying political science. I’ve learned stilt walking in the streets of Amsterdam at Pavanini, the lead-up to Teatro Pavana. My first performance was with the Pavanini's in Hanover, Germany. Here, we performed with the Colors for a couple of days. This will always remain a very special memory. I met a lot of other artists and the Pavana's were performing with the Danzanti act. In the past few years I did a lot of other beautiful performances. I walked in a parade in Barcelona, performed with Le Ballerine in Dubai and during Christmas I was allowed to perform in Bangkok. But, not only the performances far from home are a lot of fun. During corona-lockdown I performed for retirement homes throughout Amsterdam. To be able to create a smile on the faces of vulnerable people in these harsh times was a unique experience. I enjoy every performance in a different way, because each show is unique and never predictable. Because of this unpredictability, I enjoy stilt walking with Teatro Pavana a lot and I can’t wait to explore more places with the Pavana’s!