Leonie Gores

Leonie Gores is one of our performers and also an artist herself. She makes paintings and video art and likes to connect people and places with her event Time Framed. She loves living a nomadic lifestyle where she can enjoy nature, culture and adventure. When possible always trying to live an endless summer. In 2018 she received her bachelor's degree in Graphic Design at the University of the Arts ArtEZ in Arnhem. During and afterwards she started to develop her career path as a performer. Besides walking stilts Leonie also developed herself as a dancer and is extra happy when she can do that along with her fire tools.  I am extremely grateful to work with Teatro Pavana and it usually feels like a dream come true. Performing in their unique acts with beautiful people is a real bless, especially when we are lucky enough to simultaneously discover interesting places. I think it's very cool how in performance we can create a dream world that is separate from the chaos we sometimes live in. A fantasy that is sometimes beautiful, scary, sparkling or moving. The contrast in the work as a performer is also something I really appreciate. One day performing at a small theater festival, the next day performing at a festival with loud music and a huge number of people and then performing on a stage again guided by a classical orchestra. Life as a performer is never boring, and it shows me how many different people, places and cultures there are. In my opinion, diversity is magnificent and life is too short not to celebrate it. That celebration is something that I am, as a performer, often part of and that is very special.