Liesbeth Kleinrouweler

My friend once sent me a message, “Lies, I think this is really something for you!” This is how I joined Teatro Pavana. I always really liked street theatre. It can really make people smile. I’m very excited that I’m able to do this now! I’m still quite new at Pavana, but I’m really looking forward to go on a lot of adventures with them. I love traveling and experiencing new things/go on adventures. From a spontaneous camping-trip in our beautiful Holland to a backpack trip somewhere far away, in the jungle. At the moment, I’m working for a travel agency specialized in Australia and New-Zealand and studying to become a “vrije school” teacher. I enjoy both of them very much! In my spare time, I’m doing acrobatics and I  teach circusclasses to children. When the weather is fine, I’d like to go to the park todo some slack lining or go for a nice bike ride. Speaking about making your hobby your work, I’m definitely at the right place at Pavana. Amazing to see at what kind of special places we perform, national aswel as international. If there’s one performance which I’ll never forget, it’s the performance in Bahrein on New Year's Eve, I still get excited when I think about it, WAUW! My biggest dream: buy a camper and travel around and of course perform as much as possible with Pavana! Love, Lies