Lorenzo Gagliardi

am Venetian. My life began in Venice in 1965. My first street
performance as a child was in Venice during the city’s famous Carnival. And it was in 
Venice, some years later during the Carnival, where my love story with Judith started. Knowing
 Judith and her family has been enlightening for me. The
artistic environment in which she lived reflected everything that I appreciate most in life: The ability to follow and realize your own passions. Her 
passion for street theatre has also become my passion: Teatro Pavana. Teatro
Pavana is an act of love that fulfills a dream of professional independence. I 
remember that in the beginning we used to travel in a little car, four or five
 of us plus the costumes. It was such an effort to fit everything in to that small space that we felt like we’d broken a world record every time we managed it. On one occasion we just could not find space to put the costume masks anywhere. The only solution was to wear them! You can imagine the looks we got from other drivers overtaking us on the motorway. They must have thought we were crazy, and probably we were.
 Teatro Pavana has grown since then and is much more professional these days. For some years now I have been working behind the 
scenes. I'm good at building and repairing things. Now and then I have to deal with new, challenging projects. I still get to use my childhood 
fantasies to create new shows, but when it comes to the practical issues I can draw on my experience as an adult. When I think about the future of Pavana, I see my son, Luca, but then I think: Every generation has its own dreams. I'm 
a down-to-earth, melancholic dreamer.