Lotte Reijnders

Hi! My name is Lotte Reijnders and I was born and grew up in Amsterdam. A friend of mine told me about Pavanini, the junior group of Pavana, and in 2015 I joined Pavanini. We trained a lot, became better and better, and now we have been performing with Pavana for four years and my love for street theater has only been growing. I think street theater is a very special kind of art because it is for everybody. The audience often is surprised because we bring with our performances something extra, something unexpected.This results in beautiful moments with the audience. In addition, stilt walking is not limited to a theater but uses the street and the surrounding area as if they are part of the theater. Because of this, everybody around is part of the act and is every performance different. Every place is different and therefore every performance. Because of this it is unpredictable how a performance will go. This variety and unpredictability means that a performance will never be boring and each performance is special.

The past four years I have been allowed to give many special performances. Highlights were my performances during Christmas in Bangkok, the street theater festival in St. Petersburg and the Festival of Light in Malaysia in 2019, although these are only a small selection of my fantastic experiences. In short, it is always great to perform and I hope that many more gigs will follow in the future!