Luca Gagliardi, son of Judith Melief and Lorenzo Gagliardi

Since I can remember I have experienced my parents inventing, styling, producing and performing wonderful acts. From fairytale trolls, elephant men from the painting of Jeroen Bosch and beautiful ballerinas to giraffes and hippos from the animal kingdom.  As a kid growing up in such an artistic family as I have, is something not many can compare too. I can remember going to all kind of places around the world to see my parents perform. Thailand, Germany, Cyprus, France, Belgium and many more. This is how my passion and curiosity to travel the world grew step by step. I remember getting picked up by my dad from school to go to Hannover a week before the vacation even started, the jealousy in the eyes of my classmates was unforgettable.  Now that I’ve reached an age where I can perform myself, me and my friends travel with my mom and the crew to get in touch with even more places, cultures and people. Me and my friends join the crew with Giraffes, Colors and work as assistants.  I would love to keep doing this for many more years with all the passion and satisfaction I get from it!