Marlena Grzeda

Surrounded from the early childhood with artists painters, musicians and artisans, inspired by her extremely talented grandfather, born on 1980 originally Polish Marlena, became very soon a curious and passionate creature towards different forms of arts. Years of receiving artistic and crafting education from an artist painter Andrzej Tamiola and her own grandpa, had curved her soul so much, that even trying to become an analytic and mathematic in mind, she has decided to live behind her chemical engineering future and moved for good aboard, looking in life for something what would suit her heart. With Teatro Pavana Marlena has been already for fifteen years. The very first appearance at the one of the rehearsals have changed her life forever and she has truly fallen in love with the surrealistic, in its image stilts, which she has never seen before, but as well with art of costume designing ...and here for the soul is endless creation. Marlena as her love for street theatre has grown enormously, thankfully to Judith and Lorenzo, became pretty quickly a part of one big Pavana family. Together they have been through moments of laugh and tears, happiness and stress, joy and fascination, sharing so many amazing, magic sometimes as well as hilarious episodes. By training, rehearsing, traveling, performing and seeing different cultures, the ways the festivals are organized or witnessing people sensibilities of perceiving beauty in street art, on many different levels made her a professional in the field.