Marloes Meents

Turning your passion into your profession sounds too good to be true, but I did!! First as a dancer and now as a stilt walker at Teatro Pavana, of which I have been part since 2013. I think it's great to be able to take the audience into the act with the performances and put a smile on their face. Every time it is a great challenge to create a magical performance with my fellow artists. Because we are on the road so often, the fellow artists do not feel like colleagues but like my "Pavana family". Traveling is also one of my passions. Something we do a lot at Teatro Pavana as we perform all over the world. So we come to visit the most amazing places where I otherwise might never go. We often perform at festive occasions so there is almost always a nice atmosphere with many happy people. In short, it is a pleasure to be able to perform with Teatro Pavana.