Nellie the Hippo

Hippos are confusing animals. You know them from picture books as big brave, cuddly creatures that only open their huge mouth to laugh or to swallow a bunch of lettuce. On the other hand, they rank high in all top ten lists of the most dangerous animals on land. What is the truth? If you meet Nellie the Hippo in the wild, forget what you know and only believe your own eyes.
Nellie is curious, gruff, cranky or now and then even nerdy; sometimes a clown and sometimes a prude. Nellie can dance like a nymph and sing like a nightingale. When she is in a good mood, her ears curl and her eyes glow with pleasure. But if she is rude and naughty, caregiver Alki has to make every effort to keep Nellie in line. Even though she can be moody, we think she’s the sweetest hippo in the world!